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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reggie Roo

Reggie Roo
by J.S. Lambert

In Memory of Reggie  1999-2010
Sparks and barks encompass the room.
Reggie the Roo really could zoom.

Full of life, jumps, and joys.
Fired across the room, he’d chase down his toys.

Muscles rip down his back and body.
Leaped six feet at mention of “outside potty“.

Everyone saw him as a very good dog.
Not just your average little bed hog.

Internationally known as the Super Jumping Jack, King of Orlando (dethroned Shaq).
At Lake Eola, Dwight Howard approached Reggie Roo.
“When I grow up I want to be famous like you”.

“Keep working hard,” Reggie barked with a smile.
“and hit the weights kid, it could be quit a while”.

Ladies didn’t know when to leave poor Reggie alone.
Had to shut down his facebook and disconnect his phone.

See, Regg’ liked to keep it low key.
Being mobbed is no fun when trying to go pee.

Reggie spread love through the home he laid in and played in.
He loved Nana and PawPaw,

and especially Brayden.
©Reggie Roo by J.S. Lambert


Amyzing Amy from MI said...

Sounds just like Kobe, my Jack Russell! Got him in '99. My little boy past away this July. :-(

Patrick said...

What the hell? Are trying to be dr. sooss? Why don't you try staying in one genre of writing for once? God. Nobody knows what the hell type shit they are gonna read when they come to this site! Rediculous.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful poem. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should learn how to spell Patrick, why do have to be so mean about someone's dog dying?

Patrick said...

I'm talkin bout the writer. I don't know nothin about no dog dien!? This writing sounds like dr. sooss. That's all. I just don't get it. Point made so face that!

Barbara L said...

Patrick, Reggie was my dog. He died yesterday and the poem was written as a tribute to him. Fact is the poem totally captures the essence of Reggie.

Patrick said...