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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Flipt the Script

Flipt the Script
By J.S. Lambert
When you got it...
fuck, it's good!
This time it's gone.
Gone for fucking good.

You did it dumb shit.
Why can't you see?
Built yourself a prison,
you'll never be free.
Big player with too many sides
to really enjoy the steak.
Too busy.
Too many lies for one girl to take.

Knew damn well your game.   
Smelled whore on your dick.
Bitch played back.
Now you're useless as shit on a stick.

There you go. 
The magnet pulls you back.
You left the lies behind,
but now her shit's off track.

Bandaged wounds,
sealed them with a kiss.
Too busy making it right to see
the shady little Miss.

The script’s been flipped
and you're asleep at the wheel.
You're in love this time,
She wants you to know how pain feels.

Veins warm. 
You really tied one on.
Flicked the needle, injected it,
but something went wrong.

Not what you thought it was.
Not warm, not love,
not even a buzz.

Love’s red blood drips down your arm.
How did you not see her intention was harm?

She turned the tables 
left you with the bends.
Not the way love is supposed to work.
But sadly, how it ends.

You fiend for love,
only when it's lost.
This time my friend,
you've paid a terrible cost.
© Flipt the Script By J.S. Lambert

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