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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Never Ending Battle


Sacrificial Lambs,
at the hands of the man,
none of us could stand.
Annihilation of a  boy’s life,
barely began.
Ran like hell.
Fear drove me to tell.
Warned never to tattle.
 face a winless battle.
He’d attack my siblings,
these were not minor threats.
Few saw how fierce this monster really gets.
Family ravaged by hidden horrors,
Faces lost innocence,
revealed lines of years broken
Dictatorship Rule!
Beaten bodies, souls bludgeoned.
Blood fused with drool.

He questions why
I made him do this to me.
I give no reply,
so he bashes me blue, till my eyes cannot see.
Suffocation triggers adrenaline,
never felt before.
He misses one swing.
I lunge for the door.
Stagger and stumble,
 sidewalk still,
 soothes my strife.
Only one place to go,
but I do not yet know,
the next open door,
saves my life.

© 2010 J.S. Lambert


Anonymous said...

Is this about a literal figure or a metaphorical one? I mean like drugs or alcohol? It is very worry-some.

Susan G said...

pretty good... if its about god i totally understand.

Jon said...

Thank you for telling my story. You hit it right on the head in a way I never could.

KSCollier said...

Crazy poem. I love the poem your 7-year-old son wrote. Looks like talent runs in the family. Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is rare that someone leaves a comment. I wondered if anyone even reads my blog. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with your poetry and writing.