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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Michael Jackson...Back From the Dead!

 By J.S. Lambert

The King of Pop is back again. Well, not really...he's dead.  What I'm trying to say is, Michael Jackson will be releasing a new album titled Michael available December 14th.  This is Jackson's first album featuring new material since the 2001 release of Invisible.  Between then and his death, it seems that everything about Michael Jackson's music has been just that...invisible.  The first single to be released on the album is titled  "Breaking News".  The new song will be streamed live for 1 week on MJ's official website.

What is it about death that makes musicians popularity soar to new heights?  Many could argue that Jackson was the most famous entertainer to ever walk (or moon walk) this planet.  *Sorry NASA, I said moon walk this planet.*  The 80's, and a portion of the 90's, belonged to Michael Jackson.  Whether you like to admit it or try to forget it, if you were around for Thriller and Billie Jean, you were no doubt rockin parachute pants and grabbing your crotch screaming, "HHHOOOOOOOO!" (all in the name of the King of Pop).  In the years leading up to the death of Michael, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who spoke a positive word about him. All we heard was “He’s a complete lunatic” or “Hide your kids, MJ is a child molester”. Many people even questioned his loyalty to his race saying, “Mike wants to be white. He doesn’t even like black people.” I find it odd that he dies and all of a sudden he’s the Jesus of song and dance once again.

Why do we anoint the people of showbiz the moment they kick the bucket? This happens all the time. A star falls from grace to a life of drugs and criminal activity, then must struggle to achieve the same level of fame they had before. Sadly, they commit suicide or overdose or whatever, and BAM! The world suddenly purchases everything the deceased artist ever produced. Next we get to hear how great of an icon people have always considered him/her to be. Followed by endless pandemonium, fanfare, and worship comes a reinvented onslaught of fame.  New generations of loyal followers and millions of fresh dollars come from discovered album vaults which were hidden during the entertainer's life.

Don’t believe me? Check out the record sale patterns of The Beatles (post John Lennon’s death), Elvis, The Doors, Tupac, Nirvana, and even Biggie Smalls and the whole Puff Daddy domino affect it caused. Fame is a big business that people are DYING to get a piece of.


Patrick said...

hey dum ass! Michael Jackson is dead! duh...Move on to the next topic. Nobody cares

Anonymous said...

You said it yourself... happens all the time. unfortunately mj's music isn't a michaelangelo painting and i wouldn't piss on one of his records if it were on fire.. b'sides... paul mccartney owns all of his music anyway. the white man (or in this case, the WHITER man,) came out on top.

p.s. Kanye West should be sodomized with the glitter glove for fuckin up Taylor Swift's moment at the music awards... i don't paticularly care for her, but jesus, man... order some dignity with that bottle of Cristal.

(yeah it's ur baby cuzzo Susan, Joey...)

Jon said...

Hey Patrick do the world a favor and go fuck yourself. Notice I spelled "go fuck yourself" correctly. Unlike the way you misspelled the word "dum" which is actually spelled dumb. There are many GED programs available for those like yourself who obviously didn't finish their education.

j.s. lambert said...

i love the Gritty altercations! I'm getting all Hot and Bothered. Time for another Viagra!

Anonymous said...

People also do that for non-famous people who die. When I go I tell my family not to pretend I was a goody-goody.

Anonymous said...

Where is the poem you posted yesterday? Don't be afraid to write what is true to you. That is the best kind of writing.