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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leslie Nielsen Tribute

Leslie Nielsen is dead at the age of 84. It’s sad to see him go, though it was crazy nice that he was around for so long. He was a man ahead of his time who paved the way for many comedians today. He was uniquely hilarious with a fresh style that hit you off guard. The old man’s silver hair would lull you into thinking he was going to say something within the realms of  politically correct or socially acceptable, but before you knew it he was busting out comments so vulgar Richard Pryor was offended. His perfectly delivered, slapstick verbiage carved Mr. Nielsen into over 100 films, full of thousands of gut twisting laughs. Surely he will go down as one of comedy’s “Greats”. But please, don’t call him Shirley.

1 comment:

Barbara L said...

He was great!