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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your Secret's Safe Victoria

                              (Video from CBS.com)
Christmas is approaching in a few short weeks.  So once again, Victoria and 34 of her sexy friends strapped on their wonderful winter wings and strutted into our homes to reveal their secrets to the world.  It’s the day of the year when husbands are encouraged (and often forced) to watch knockout-beautiful supermodels parade up and down glittery runways, in pretty panties, with naughty intentions.  Wives, fiancés and girlfriends watch intently as the perfect 10’s thrust their tight butt cheeks gracefully across the stage. 

What would motivate women to allow their men to gaze at these scantily clad strumpets?  Upon thorough analyzation, the results are in; when women feel they have a decent chance at receiving nice gifts, they’re willing to ignore what’s normally infuriated them for centuries.  So...all bets are off!  Jealousy has left the building!  Men, take advantage of this annual, free-for-all fetish.  Come Christmas day, make sure you bear underwear, otherwise, Victoria’s Secret pantie playground, will be closed.  
 J.S. Lambert

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