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Monday, November 29, 2010

Chrissy Martin: Shot Stabbed...and Pissed

Last week, Orange County, Florida Investigators reported, bad ass ex-female boxing champion, Christy Martin, had been shot and stabbed in the torso and legs by her 66 year old husband, James Martin.  Her injuries were described as nonlife-threatening.  James Martin is considered by authorities to be dangerous to the public.
Run James run!  Run far away!  You had your chance to kill her, and you blew it.  The human wrecking ball of a woman is alive, and thanks to you, she now wants to take her revenge out on all men. 

Immediately upon being shot, stabbed and left for dead, Miss Terminator burst through her front door and ran down an Apopaka Florida Road (Meanwhile, James Martin disappeared like a fart in the wind).  A driver picked up the ex-brawler after spotting her running down the street covered in blood.  The helpful citizen then informed Martin they would immediately travel to the nearest hospital.  An unreliable source claims, Martin then replied, “No.  We find that bastard first.  I need my mouth piece and my Everlast gloves.  This means War!” 

James Martin is 5`10” tall, 160 pounds, and currently remains on the loose; although, to Christy Martin the bastard is considered to be “fucking dead meat”.    


Anonymous said...

Something about this story reminds me of Tonya Harding. A hard looking woman who boxes and has a boyfriend with a violent streak.

joey said...

Years ago, I was Nancy Kerrigan's waiter. When I brought out her tables salads, I was very tempted to hit her with the pepper mill (grinder) just to hear her scream " WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY WhYYYYYYYYYY!" ----true story. ~Joey

Anonymous said...

Thats a West Virginia girl for ya!!!