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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Man Down

Man Down
By J.S. Lambert

Dynamite Delight.
Found yourself a fight.

This just in...
You can't win.
 You'll lose your ass tonight.

Legend led the way,
to your status today.

  But now you stand,
destined to lose.
Not the path the wise would choose

 Too late to back down now.
 Cold cocked your left eyebrow.
Before you think of what to do,
 blasts your ass with a furious few.

 Spit blood, 
spun you down
Now here comes the ground and pound

it's over.....
or so you thought.
 Not finished.
 Lesson's not been taught.

Rips your hair back, 
then sets in for the final attack.
Followed by...
three boots to the face.
 Bloody dirt is all you taste.

Vaguely hear them,
pull the beast away.
 Puke two teeth,
and start to pray.

Lucky to be breathing.
 Peel your eyes open,
the punishment's leaving.

The legend that was yours,
fades away.
At the hands of the woman 
that kicked your ass today.`
© Man Down J.S. Lambert


Patrick said...

From what I have read it sounds like you've had your ass kicked by a woman more that once.

j.s. lambert said...

Fuck off patty cakes