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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving's Best Kept Secret!

Thanksgiving is back and it's time to get fat! No matter where you go to stuff your face, someone has got the best method of cooking that bird so that it melts in your mouth. We have seen and heard all the tricks and secrets to cooking the perfect turkey. Too bad nearly every time you get down to the business of devouring the bodacious butterball, the damn thing is as dry as the Mojave Desert. Who actually holds the secret recipe for the perfect turkey?

If you're not too concerned about eating healthy, deep frying "Tom the Turkey" is the way to go. Every year I do everything I can to make sure Thanksgiving dinner is juicer than the last. Using kosher salt to brine the meat overnight, brings amazing results. Still, nothing works quite like that bad ass deep fryer! We always hear horror stories of explosions and people burning down their houses while using the deep fryer they rented for their holiday feast. Let me quiet those claims to calm your nerves . As long as you DO NOT USE THE DEEP FRYER INDOORS and proceed with normal cooking caution, there's absolutely NOTHING to worry about!  The  cooking time is reduced tremendously, and the taste is out of this freaking world! The majority of people are afraid to deep fry as a result of the tragic mistakes of a few random idiots. Nevertheless, my family will be enjoying the taste and convenience of Thanksgiving's best kept secret. The whole experience will be JUICY, JUICY...YUM!----

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