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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dizzy Gillespie 93 !

Ken Burns JAZZ Collection: Dizzy GillespieThe father of BeBop, Dizzy Gillespie, would have been 93 years old  today! The fact that I am 33 years old is an automatic handicap to my knowledge of this Jazz great! I do know that as a young boy I would often take my elementary school issued plastic recorder (flute-like thingy) and attempt to make my jaws look like ole' Dizzy's. The result: a double ear ache, two dried up tear ducts, and a head buzz much like that of a nitrous oxide WAH-WAH! ---Whippet! I ain't talkin' bout  Devo either! Seriously, the guy was amazing judging from my limited knowledge of jazz music. As I get older, I find that my ear welcomes the sound of jazz way more than it used to. I spent my teenage angst years blasting out my eardrums to Henry Rollins and various booty Bass music. On any given day you would find me bumpin' around the armpit of Ohio in my 83' Cadillac Coupe Deville, fully loaded with the 12'' JL Audio speakers. I've got the tattoo to prove it (unfortunately true)! If only I would have listened to good old Dizzy Gillespie back then. I would not be in the market for a Whisper 2000 now! Rest in peace Dizzy.


rockingrector said...

Dizzy - the greatest! And where is that tattoo??

Thanks for your visit - keep coming!

jslambert said...

Agreed. Much Thanks. Come back daily for new posts.

Susie said...

Dizzy is a legend.

flowergirl said...

No disrespect to the Diz but he's not exactly one of today's hot topics. What are your thoughts on the GQ cover with the Glee stars? Or Marisol Garcia fighting against drugs in Mexico when she is only 20? Let's hear some more of your humorous prose on more timely topics. That will increase your readership and spur some discussion.

Susie said...

Flowergirl, some people like Dizzy. But I do see your point that the Glee cover is all over everything today. I think the Glee photo shoot went over a line.

jslambert said...

I wrote the Dizzy article at 2:30am, so it was the only thing burnin' in
Google trends oven. I'll hit you up in a little bit.

Jon T said...

wow you didn't even mention the Glee photo shoot and you're getting shit about it, lol! Who cares. Everyone in the photos is over 21 and there's no nudity so it's a freaking non topic. Diz however is a fantastic topic! Why must bloggers always post on non events like a GQ photo shoot? The answer is that they shouldn't! Great work JSL keep it coming!

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