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Friday, October 22, 2010

Selling my Soul for the Glee

 Written by J.S. Lambert

                                                                                                                                  GQ (1-year auto-renewal)I'll start by stating that I very much appreciate each and every reader who has taken time out of their day to support a grassroots writer.  The idea of having readers turn in daily requests is freaking phenomenal!  I would be blind not to see that this is an audience driven format.  My readers will make or break me.  I could take the high road by avoiding certain topics but if you know me at all, you know that there are not too many subjects that I will shy away from.  So the sell out begins..........
To be perfectly honest, the Glee is not for me.  The story of the Glee kids doing the GQ cover jumped out and punched me from 40 million different angles shortly after feeling the notion to pay homage to old man Gillespie.  The story, my ass.  How 'bout that spread of hot pix! Pedophilia Schmedophilia.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with a blazin hot, uh umm, very intelligent and highly sophisticated, chick with a rockin body posing with a sucker on her lips in a high school hallway.  Every "kid" shown in the GQ layout is 24 years old  for the love of all that's unholy!  Gimme a break!   Twenty-four is over the hill where I come from.  As far as I'm concerned, these grannies to be need to get movin on some more photo shoots before they are no longer MILF worthy.  All kidding aside, pedophilia is a sicko sport that "chester the molester" and his homeboys need to be permanently retired from.  I have arranged a nice list of nifty ideas for punishments to hand out to adults that sexually exploit children.  That's another day another blog because there was no sexual misconduct on GQ's part.
This is an issue of preference.  From a personal standpoint, looks aren't everything, but they do help.  I have been dealt a lucky hand in the youthful looking mate department.  My wife is 29 and doesn't look a day over 19.  I love it!  I tell her that she better look 29 at 39 or expect to be traded in for a new model.  I love her for a million other reasons but consider myself fortunate that she happens to fall into my "preference" category as a young hot mama.  Did you catch the key word?  "Preference".  Millions of men prefer to look at young looking ladies.  As long as they are legal, no harm no foul.
I do recall a young lady parading around a very similar locker laden high school hall well over 10 years ago, singing "Hit me Baby One More Time".  Like it or not, Brittney Spears has sold over 100,000,000 albums (best selling female artist of the 20th century).  She sold over 10 million of those by the age of 18.  We are all well aware of just how talented she is.  She hit the ground running in that plaid catholic school girl outfit and we forgot to check if she could sing.  I did not buy her music but man I tell ya, somebody did.
You see, Spears sold sex the same way GQ sells magazines.  Before we all start screamin "GLEE Q IS KIDDIE PORN!", do the math.  24-18=6.  Now for the break down.....the ADULTS in GQ's photo spread are 24 years old.  18 is the legal age of an adult.  Finally, S I X is the number of years that it has been perfectly normal for these Gleeksters to get dirty dur-dee and piggety-paid.


Tami B said...

I agree, I find it completely crazy that they are making a big deal out of some of the Glee cast posing in suggestive or sexual manner for GQ, apparently they've never watch the show, sexuality and sexual themes run thru every episode, it's entertainment,not real life.

Susie said...

Personally, I don't watch Glee but they are portraying high school kids. Sort of the same thing as the other night when people got upset over one of the "Brady kids" planting a kiss on "Mom Brady" on DWTS. It was sort of gross even though he isn't her son or any sort of relative.