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Thursday, November 4, 2010


by J.S. Lambert

Words down.
My savior.

Last rope not burned.

No one heard.

I write words down.
My choice.
 My therapy.

All ropes snapped,
I could have too.

These words I do not choose.
Words down.

No one listens.

Still I write.
Words save me.

© Words by J.S. Lambert 


kelly said...

That's a really cool pic and a nice poem.

Anonymous said...

Good poem.

Stevie G said...


j.s. lambert said...

Sorry, didn't mean to delete that last post.

Thanks Steve. Hit me back up on the IM again tomorrow. Or call me. Keep following

Justin said...

Words got me the wound and will get me well, if you believe it.

j.s. lambert said...

Thanks Jimmy Boy!

Jon said...

If your poem rymhed I bet more people would read it.

Anonymous said...

Can feel the meaning behind the words, story of my life, I need to pick up my journal, it is therapy for the soul....lovely pic also

Anonymous said...

nice poem joey, nice picture too. words have many meanings in their own way either context or direction.