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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lebron James is Bringing Nail Bittin Sexy Back!

If you know me, you know I bite the hell out of my finger nails.  My memory bank fails to take me to a time that I sported a full rack of 10 well manicured nails.  I have no idea how the habit started or if it will ever end.  Never has there been a person that I have met that feast upon  phalanges with the precision I do.

Then came Lebron James.  This guy performs cuticle cunnilingus that would make Colonel Sanders' wife raise from her Kentucky grave and moan " finger lickin good".  

Keep it up Lebron.  I think  you've turned my nasty habit into a trend all the ladies love!


Anonymous said...

That is the most unusual description of nail biting I have ever seen. Not sure what I think of this!

Anonymous said...

Great poem by your son. Although I am not a Browns fan.