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Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Hughes Disaproves

by J.S. Lambert

Moments after Ferris skipped school that unforgettable day in the windy city and the 16th candle burned out, great teen movies disappeared from production as quick as John Hughes could say "Peace out". Sadly, the King of all that was ever Great about Teen Movies went A.W.O.L. and never resurfaced back into civilization before his death in 2009.  Nobody did it like Hughes. 

Kids today cannot relate to the teen characters portrayed in modern films. Present day young people in movies are just way too well seasoned in these roles. Go out in your community and ask the teens what their favorite movies are. While some youth today may agree they find some entertainment in movies that feature 16 year olds driving Benzos and bangin out multiple one night stands, they will undoubtedly be quick to let you know they cannot relate on a personal level. "Nobody I know is rockin ice, and snaggin freaks down for 3 ways and all that shit you see in the movies" Jamie Belmont, a Greenville area high school senior that lives in my neighborhood said to me when I picked his brain on this subject while playing basketball earlier today. "I'm 18 and I've seen and done a lot of things but the the shit you see in movies right now is completely over exaggerated".  I asked him about Ferris Bueller's Day off.   "I love that movie! Now, I can dig that!  Ferris was kinda a dork but that's more real. People I know love John...whats his face's movies". 

Jamie was referring to John Hughes. Although today's youth may not know Hughes by name, I have found that many of them enjoy the familiarity of his films. 

A great deal of money goes into hyping up films like Paranormal state 2. Every time you flip on the tube you'll see a commercial showing how great the flick is going to be. I was suckered into watching the first Paranormal state. What a disappointment! No substance, no story, NO Paranormal State II for me.

There are millions of potential dollars to be spent on a modern day director that is willing to be honest enough to capture the pure reflection of today's youth the way John Hughes did. Who's gonna step up to the plate?

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Anonymous said...

If you haven't seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off something is Fucking wrong!-