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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lil' Wayne is Free A-Gain!

♫"Pop the Crystal and  Krunk Juice...♫
Get ready fo' da' FEAST!
♫Time to get it poppin yo!♫
Weezy got released.
Call yo' homeboys, da' lawyer, and yo' fuckin' priest,
cause Wayne's risen' up from the Belly ♫of the Beast!"♫
lyrics by Joey ♥

Ok.....enough of the cracker rapper crap.  A real rapper known as lil' Wayne was released from Rikers Island Prison Thursday morning at 8:35 AM, after serving eight months of a one year sentence.  This March, Weezy turned himself in and settled on a plea bargain for his 2007 gun charge which occurred in Manhattan.  Wayne, also founder of Young  Money Entertainment, then pleaded guilty for attempted gun possession. 

New York has really strict gun laws which prohibit unlicensed users from being within operating reach of a firearm.  Whereas most cases today offer a slap on the wrist to celebrities and athletes that tote semi-automatic weapons, drink and drive, beat the shit out of their spouses, and mass murder innocent animals (Michael Vick), Lil' Wayne's punishment seems more fitting in comparison, to that of a serial killer whose carved up the pope and his Vatican staff. 

By the way, rapper Drake and Wayne's entourage are throwing a coming out party (not that kind of coming out) to celebrate Wayne's prison release this Sunday night at a popular Miami strip club.  Also, an unreliable source states that on Monday morning around 6 AM, the city of Miami-Dade county, will be throwing an after party.  This extravaganza is entitled:

$  South Beach Cash Money Millionaire Bash… 
The Hang Over Fo' Weezy, Fo' Sheezy!

…which will feature the live arrest and booking of Lil' Wayne during his subsequent return to federal prison; Miami Style.  Joining the arrest party will be the special guest and celebrity incarceration of Snookie from the hit show Jersey Shore Miami.  Music by, non other than…Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, with special guest Enrique Iglesias.

Stay posted for more details. 


Anonymous said...

I like that you add photos. Wonder who will be next to be arrested? Kim Kardashian?

j.s. lambert said...

If they arrest Kim kardashian let's hope she is topless.